Digital Mental Health

Online library of user-rated digital mental health resources

Welcome to the library.

Most of us have heard that 1 in 4 of us experiences a mental health problem in our lifetime.

The internet is brimming with resources, narratives and records of mental ill-health, aimed at explaining, exploring and informing us about mental health issues.

This site aims to become an online library of digital mental health resources in the broadest and most holistic sense, utilizing the creative and anonymous freedoms of the internet in placing user-created content alongside the formal content produced by large organisations.

By doing this, this site aims to allow people with first-hand experience of mental illness to rate and comment on the narratives created about them. Over time, the site should evolve to offer not just a list of resources, stories and information, but offer guidance on  the accuracy, effectiveness and all round usefulness of these resources.

This project has been formed single-handedly as part of the Digital Humanities and Cyberculture Studies module at the University of Exeter, but hopes to grow and develop into a multi-authored, collective library of information.


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