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Stephen Fry’s ‘The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive’

Basic Info

2006 television documentary created by TV personality Stephen Fry.

Available for free on youtube (embedded below).

Total time around two hours.

Media Reviews

Awarded Emmy for “Best Documentary” in 2007

The Independent

It’s a fantastic programme. Fry talks with remarkable candour about himself and his rollercoaster ride of a life: the early signs that something was out of place, the bad behaviour at school, the stealing and the cocaine binges, the feeling of invincibility and extreme confidence, and the miserable lows, the times he wanted to be dead (or in Belgium).

He chats to some of his famous chums (Robbie Williams, Carrie Fisher, Rick Stein, Tony Slattery) about their varying levels of madness, and he talks to some of the others, the unknown millions. And because he’s Stephen Fry, he does it with a wonderful posh charm and a warm wit.

(‘Last Night’s Tv’ by Sam Wollaston, 20 Sept 2006)

Part one:

Part two:


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