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The Depression Quest

Basic Info

Multiple-choice “choose your path” hypertext, placing the reader/player in the life of a twentysomething year old man suffering from depression.

Found online here (browser based) and Steam.

Option to pay (portion of the donations going to iFred) or read for free.

Media reviews


 “laudable effort…an effective tool for teaching folks who don’t have to deal with depression what it feels like”

( 4 Video Games That Help You Understand And Deal With Your Depression, 19/4/2013)

Silicon Era:

“Everything hinges on you actually reading, really reading, the text. Don’t speed read or skip it. Life feels sometimes like it weighs down, with cancelled options for choices that your too-depressed self just cannot drag to do. That really made me feel upset. How does work feel? The relationship you’re in? Would you think therapy could help? Will you take the first step?” 

(Everyone Needs Help, Which is What Depression Quest Preaches, 12/01/2014)

Digital Spy:

Depression Quest is a stellar example of how games don’t need to be fun to make a powerful and lasting impression. It is a brave and ultimately effective approach on tackling the serious topic of depression.

(Downloadable games round-up: The Bridge, Depression Quest, more, 21/02/2013)


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