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Man Therapy

Basic Info

Humorous interactive story/quiz aimed at highlighting basic and initial problems with mental health.  Targeted specifically at working men, who make up disproportionate amounts of successful suicides. The site parodies the “men don’t have feeling” cliché.  Basic “Head Inspection” (depression test) available, complete with the odd Anchorman reference.

Man Therapy was created and sponsored by the collaborated efforts of  the Colorado Office of Suicide Prevention, the Carson J. Spencer Foundation and Catcus.

Browser-based, and found for free online here.

Media comments

The producers state:

THE GOAL OF MAN THERAPY is to show working age men that talking about their problems, getting help and
fixing themselves is masculine.

The campaign strength is its innovative and humorous approach through a fictional “therapist” named Dr. Rich
Mahogany, who is a no-nonsense man’s man that let’s men know honest talk about life’s problems is how
they will start to solve their problems. At the center of the campaign is a web portal that allows men to
interact with Dr. Mahogany, do a “head inspection” (self-assessment), and get “manly mental health tips.”
When men indicate their level of distress is high, Dr. Mahogany refers them to the National Suicide Prevention
Lifeline or “the Pros” (a vetted list of professional mental health service providers).

The website also involved the people who surround the men at risk, with a section called “worried about
someone,” and offers suggestions on how to give back through volunteering or getting involved in the cause.
A testimonial library shows men from many walks of life triumph over significant life challenges through many
different journeys.

In conclusion, this new approach holds great promise for being the bridge between men at risk for suicide, and
the interventions that can save their lives.
(Taken from their explanatory paper [17/07/12], accessible for free under “mission” on [28/01/14])

The New York Times reported Man Therapy’s release, highlighting how

the campaign also is using restroom posters and drink coasters promoting to try to reach men drowning their sorrows in bars. 


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