Digital Mental Health

Online library of user-rated digital mental health resources

Terms, conditions and suggestions

The standard format of posts is as follows:

  • What the content is
  • How the content can be accessed (with note of whether it is free or not, whether an account/registration is needed, etc)
  • Any relevant logos or images
  • Any media responses to the content
  • Poll(s) on the usefulness and accurateness of the content

This website will:

  • Refuse to archive resources that are discriminatory, prejudiced or harmful in nature. Content which features harmful language as part of its narrative, but does not perpetuate/subscribe to this harm into it may be used – e.g. if a character is bullied –  but all such cases will have warnings that make this explicit in the post. If there is a case where content is harmful and no warning is present, please get in touch.
  • Accept all reasonable submissions, providing they meet the requirements listed here.
  • Abide by the Samaritans and Time to Change‘s media guidelines when speaking about mental health.
  • Attempt to include as diverse a range of content as possible.

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